Unlike in the past, Notices of Assessment (Form 11 Notices) announcing new property values were not mailed in many counties throughout Indiana last year. Although some taxpayers did receive Notices of Assessment alerting them to changes in the assessed values for their properties, it is more likely that any assessment changes will appear on the taxpayers’ Spring 2011 tax bills. The Spring 2011 tax bills are being issued now in all counties across Indiana, with the exception of Lake and LaPorte Counties. Taxpayers with properties in Lake and LaPorte Counties will likely receive the Spring 2011 tax bills by early summer. Once the Spring 2011 tax bill is issued, the taxpayer will have 45 days from the date the tax bill is issued to file an appeal contesting the assessed valuation. So it is imperative that taxpayers closely monitor the Spring 2011 tax bills received over the next few weeks and be aware of appeal deadlines from those bills.

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