The Supreme Court of Kentucky has suspended Judge Steven D. Combs without pay for six months, according to an agreed Order of Suspension filed October 1, 2015.

Kentucky’s Judicial Conduct Commission had charged Combs, Circuit Judge for Kentucky’s 35th Judicial Circuit in Pike County, with numerous violations of the state’s Code of Judicial Conduct.

The most serious allegation was that Combs presided over a 2011 case, in spite of the fact that Combs had a lease agreement with the oil and gas company that was a defendant in the case.

The 14 page document setting forth all of the charges against Combs, however, contains numerous other colorful allegations, among them:

  • Combs insulted + chastised police officers for not responding to his inquiries quickly enough, and for alleged unlawful arrest of criminal defendants
  • Combs told a police captain that the next officer who pulled him over would get a “bullet in the head”
  • Combs insulted city officials, calling a commissioner “cokehead,” and referring to the Mayor as “fish face,” and the city manager as, “Dumbo.”
  • Combs used judicial stationery for activities unrelated to his judicial duties, including a letter accusing the city manager of libel
  • Combs called an attorney who regularly appeared in his courtroom a “coward” and a “prick”
  • Combs admitted to many of the violations alleged. Some of the charges were dismissed.

The Order is here.