Law 9428 of the “Corporate Tax” will come into effect on September 1st, and payments for this tax should be done by September 30th at the latest.

The Corporate tax must be paid annually by any company, branch of a foreign company, or its representative, as well as any individual limited liability company, currently registered at the Public Registry, or register hereafter in the Public Registry.

For the fiscal year 2017, the corporate tax should be paid in proportional amount for the months of September to December 2017 as described below: 

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In January 2018, the Corporate Tax will be fully charged, according to the following rates: 

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To issue the collection of the Corporate Tax, inactive companies, branches, or limited liability companies will be automatically registered as taxpayer of the Corporate Tax in the Taxpayer Registry (RUT, for its acronym in Spanish), without any notification. 

From now on, the new entities incorporated in the Public Registry will have to submit within one month, starting count from their registration date at the Public National Registry, the Form D-140 to update the Information of the Taxpayer at the RUT providing the basic information as taxpayer.

Inactive entities constituted before the entry of the abovementioned law comes into force, will be registered automatically in the RUC, therefore, these entities will also have the obligation to file Form D- 140 to update their basic information as a taxpayer, according to the following schedule: 

a) Corporate ID ending in 1 and 2: During the month of October 2017.

b) Corporate ID ending in 3 and 4: During the month of November 2017.

c) Corporate ID ending in 5 and 6: During the month of December 2017.

d) Corporate ID ending in 7 and 8: During the month of January 2018.

e) Corporate ID ending in 9 and 0: During the month of February 2018.

Failure to submit form D-140 within the established deadlines will lead to a penalty, established in article 78 of the Tax Code, which ranges from half base salary up to a maximum of three base salaries, determined by the delay in filling the form.