Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) and business leaders have reportedly unveiled a “NY BioHud Valley” campaign that highlights the state’s Hudson Valley as a “burgeoning epicenter of the biotech industry.” According to Gillibrand, more than 60 biotech companies that deal with innovations including clean energy and new pharmaceuticals are located in the Hudson Valley’s seven counties.

“NY BioHud Valley is the future of our economy here in the Lower Hudson Valley,” Gillibrand was quoted as saying. “We are home to a well-educated workforce, world-class research institutions, medical centers, laboratories, and academic research organizations.”

The campaign, a public-private partnership, will target biotech companies, brokers, property owners, and real estate developers for continued biotech expansion. “Hudson Valley is producing a critical mass of industry, research and commercial R&D in the area of biotechnology,” Nathan Tinker of the New York Biotechnology Association reportedly said. “This is a major key to cluster development and creating the sorts of relationships between companies, work forces and end-users of the product.” See Business Wire, October 26, 2010; Kirsten Gillibrand Press Release, October 27, 2010.