Environmental Services Association: Public realm services – Making the right choice: Ensuring best value in local authority decision making: this report, prepared by Ricardo Energy & Environment, looks at current trends in public realm service delivery. It has been developed as an aid for local authorities when they are looking into service provision and procurement, to ensure that they can demonstrate ‘best value’, whether that be in-house or through a contractor. The report takes a high level look at the perceived trend for local authority in-sourcing, and gathers data and case studies about the decision making process and choices that local authorities make when deciding upon their approach to service delivery. It looks in particular at how authorities were determining that their approach was delivering best value, and what level of transparency was evident in their decision making. (3 May 2016)

WRAP: Comparing the cost of alternative waste treatment options – Gate Fees report 2016: summary of the ninth annual gate fees survey that covers gate fees charged to local authorities in the UK for a range of municipal waste recycling, recovery, treatment and disposal options. (26 May 2016)