Trademark owners who wish to prevent their valuable brands from being associated with the online adult entertainment industry will need to take prompt action in light of the upcoming launch of a new top-level domain name, “.XXX.” To view how brand owners may protect their rights during the following windows, please click here.

During the Sunrise B period, owners of registered trademarks who are not members of the adult entertainment industry can apply to reserve a corresponding name and block others from registering it in the .XXX registry. The name will be reserved only if there is no conflicting application from a Sunrise A applicant. Brand owners whose blocking application is accepted will not own or have any rights in the reserved .XXX domain name and it will not resolve to an active website, but the domain name will be removed from the pool of those available for registration.

Only brand owners with registered trademarks or service marks issued prior to September 1, 2011, will be eligible to act during Sunrise B. Parties with pending applications, cancelled registrations, unregistered marks, and state registrations are not eligible for reservation during Sunrise B. Other limitations on eligible domain names may also affect a brand owner’s ability to act during the Sunrise B period.

On November 8, 2011, the "Landrush" period opens and members of the adult entertainment industry will have the opportunity to register .XXX domain names.

Brand owners unable to act during Sunrise B have another opportunity to protect their brands from association with a .XXX domain name by reserving a name when the General Availability period begins on December 6,