The lengthy corruption investigation of specialty chemical company Innospec, which spanned many years and two continents, finally came to an end on June 18, 2014, when a British jury convicted Innospec’s former CEO and former Regional Sales Director for the Asia Pacific Region in connection with payments to Indonesian officials in exchange for contracts with the Indonesian government.  See Press Release, Serious Fraud Office, Two More Guilty in Innospec Conspiracy Trial (June 18, 2014).  Two other former Innospec executives previously had pleaded guilty in the United Kingdom to bribery charges stemming from the same scheme. Innospec’s British unit also pleaded guilty to corruption charges in the United Kingdom in 2010. That same year, in the United States, Innospec pleaded guilty to FCPA violations and agreed to pay a $27.5 million penalty.  See  Plea Offer, Innospec, Inc., No. 10-cr-00061 (Mar. 18, 2010) (ECF No. 4).  Furthermore, Innospec’s former agent, Ousama Namaan, pleaded guilty to FCPA offenses in the United States and was sentenced to 30 months in prison, while Paul Jennings, another former Innospec CEO, entered into a civil settlement with the SEC. Jennings was one of the Innospec executives who pleaded guilty to criminal corruption charges in Britain.