The FCC has extended by 90 days the deadline by which C-band earth station operators may file applications to license or register (in the case of receive-only operations) their facilities. The new deadline of October 17, 2018 replaces the old deadline of July 18, 2018 announced in April. Applications may only be filed for earth stations constructed and operating as of April 19, 2018. The extended application period is intended to provide the FCC with more detailed information on C-band use as part of an ongoing proceeding exploring possible increased fixed and first-time mobile broadband use of the band.

The FCC also clarified that operators with multiple receive-only antennae in a single location or address may register these antennae under one application and pay a single application fee of $435. In addition, the FCC has made it easier for multiple receive-only earth stations sited in various locations to be registered as a network by waiving rules pertaining to power limits and coordination. While this network option incurs a $10,620 filing fee, network operators with more than 24 unique sites to register will pay a lower fee than if the sites were individually registered at $435 each.

The Public Notice announcing the extended filing window is available here.