Environmental Quality Standards for Soil Implemented

With the approval of Supreme Decree No. 002-2013-MINAM and No. 002-2014-MINAM, Peru continues to develop its national soil quality legislation, which forms the legal basis for management of contaminated sites in the country. The first stage in implementing the Environmental Quality Standards for Soil requires "titulares" to submit a report (in accordance with Supreme Decree No. 013-2015-MINAM) that identifies contaminated sites, as well as new activities and projects that will cause or have the potential to cause soil contamination.

National WEEE Management Goals & Regulatory Developments Announced

At a waste electrical and electronic equipment ("WEEE") seminar organized by the Ministry of Environment ("MINAM") and the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima, MINAM announced two important goals to be integrated into upcoming policies: (1) by 2016, all non-municipal management plans must include actions for WEEE management; and (2) by 2021,100% of WEEE in Peru will be managed in accordance with environmental standards. MINAM also stated that it is currently working on updating the General Solid Waste Law (No. 27314/2000), which is now 15 years old.

Modifications to the National System for Environmental Impact Assessments Proposed

The Ministry of Environment ("MINAM") has published a draft regulation that would modify "Measures for Optimizing and Strengthening the National System for Environmental Impact Assessments" ("EIA") within the Law to Promote Investments (Law No. 30327). The proposal aims to develop the Global Environmental Certification process and includes annexes for the mining, hydrocarbon, and electricity sectors that outline minimum content requirements for EIAs.