On November 29, Health Canada announced that two new food additives had been added to the List of Permitted Good Additives.

The two new food additives, glycerol ester of gum rosin and glycerol ester of tall oil rosin, are for use as density adjusting agents in beverages containing citrus oils or spruce oils.

In Canada, food additives are regulated under the Food and Drug Regulations and associated Marketing Authorizations (MAs).  For a new food additive to be approved for use, the manufacturer must file a food additive submission containing detailed information about the additive, its proposed use, the results of safety tests, and information on the effectiveness of the food additive for its intended use.

Prior to approval, Health Canada first completed a detailed safety assessment of the submissions for these two additives, then published a Notice of Proposal to Enable the Use of Glycerol Ester of Gum Rosin and Glycerol Ester of Tall Oil Rosin as Density Adjusting Agents in Beverages Containing Citrus or Spruce Oils (the "Notice of Proposal") and requesting comments on the Proposal.

Because no new scientific information was provided that affected safety considerations, the two new additives were added to the List of Permitted Food Additives.

Manufacturers have an ongoing duty to advise Health Canada if new scientific information concerning the safety of a food additive comes to its attention.

Health Canada also issued a consultation document on a proposal to enable the use of a new food additive, ethyl lauroyl arginate, as a preservative in various standardized and unstandardized foods.  The public has until February 21, 2014 in which to submit comments relating to the proposal.