Two recently published studies summarize data on talc exposure and mesothelioma.

Two new journal articles have been published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine with respect to talc exposure and human mesothelioma. One of the studies was published by four authors employed by Exponent (at least two of whom testify as expert witnesses in asbestos and talc cases). The article describes a cohort update of Vermont talc miners and millers followed for almost forty years, concluding there was no evidence that the group suffered from increased risk of respiratory cancer. The second study describes a case series of 33 individuals with mesothelioma whose only known asbestos exposures came from using cosmetic talc products, relates their exposures to evidence of increased asbestos lung burden in 6 of the 33, and concludes that asbestos-contaminated cosmetic talc powders are a risk factor for mesothelioma. The article's authors include Drs. Jacqueline Moline and Ronald Gordon, both of whom testify as expert witnesses in asbestos and talc cases, and the study notes that all of the 33 individuals were originally medical-legal referrals. Further summaries of the articles can be downloaded below.