On January 20th, the CFTC published for public comment proposed rules establishing the regulatory standards for compliance with derivatives clearing organization ("DCO") Core Principles C (Participant and Product Eligibility), D (Risk Management), E (Settlement Procedures), F (Treatment of Funds), G (Default Rules and Procedures), and I (System Safeguards). For DCOs that are designated by the Financial Stability Oversight Council as systemically important DCOs, the CFTC proposed heightened standards in the area of system safeguards supporting business continuity and disaster recovery and a provision that would implement the CFTC's special enforcement authority over SIDCOs. The CFTC also proposed amendments including replacement of the current part 39 appendix A, Application Guidance and Compliance With Core Principles, with an application form for entities seeking to register as DCOs, technical amendments to reorganize part 39 of the CFTC's regulations, and amendments to supplement reporting and public information requirements proposed in a previous rulemaking. Comments should be submitted on or before March 21, 2011. 76 FR 3698.