Ten Members of Congress sent a letter on February 3 to Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker concerning fraudulent actions by Papierfabrik August Koehler (Koehler) in the antidumping administrative reviews of Lightweight Thermal Paper from Germany. In the final results of the Third Administrative Review, Commerce found that Koehler had engaged in a "deliberate scheme to conceal home market sales and manipulate home market price data, as well as Koehler's submission of {questionnaire responses} based on fraudulent data." As a result, the Department of Commerce assigned Koehler a 75.36 percent antidumping margin. However, in the December 26 preliminary results in the Fourth Administrative Review, Koehler's antidumping margin was found to be zero percent. Members of Congress requested that the Department of Commerce "fully review the case evidence and utilize the legal mechanisms provided by U.S. trade laws to address fraudulent behavior by foreign companies found to be dumping in the U.S. market," in the final results, which are due April 25.