Mexico’s Energy Regulatory Commission (the CRE) has announced that the open season procedures to assign capacity in Pemex gasoline and diesel transportation and storage systems will begin in the next few weeks.

To that effect, the CRE has issued new regulations aiming to guarantee open access in these systems to interested parties.  The procedures will be published and regulated by the CRE.

These regulations follow the announcement by the Energy Ministry of February 2016 whereby private parties may import gasoline and diesel into Mexico starting on April 1, 2016.

According to the regulations, Pemex shall grant third parties open access to Pemex’s systems; Pemex should give preference to third parties’ requests for service, as opposed to Pemex reserving capacity for itself. Also, the firsthand sale of gasoline and diesel by Pemex in Mexico  is heavily regulated by the CRE to make sure that Pemex does not engage in unduly discriminatory or monopolistic practices.

Each Pemex facility will operate under a permit granted by the CRE. Permits include approved general terms and conditions for providing the service, tariffs and rates. The open season procedures and other relevant information to guarantee open access by Pemex shall be published in an electronic bulletin.  

It is important to point out that sales to end users will remain under government price controls until the end of 2017, or sooner if the government considers that market conditions allow for competitive prices.