The SEC’s 2014 priorities include continued, rigorous enforcement of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act ("FCPA"). As noted by the agency in January, a specialized Enforcement Division unit announced the settlement of eight FCPA enforcement actions in 2013 and has already settled one this year. SEC FCPA Spotlight.

The FCPA Professor analyzed the eight cases from 2013 and noted the salient points from each. Peter R. Reilly, Associate Professor of Law at Texas A&M, focused on one of those matters, the case against Ralph Lauren Corporation, where the company settled by signing a non-prosecution agreement with the Commission. The Securities Law Prof Blog republished the abstract to Reilly’s article which discusses when and when not to self-report FCPA violations.

Blogging for the CLS Blue Sky Blog, Reilly has also addressed pre-trial bargaining under the FCPA. And D&O Diary discussed the private, follow-on lawsuits which almost invariably accompany a FCPA matter.