On February 29 and March 1, the CFTC will hold a two-day public roundtable to discuss customer collateral protection. Day one discussions will focus on (i) issues related to the advisability and practicality of implementing the legal segregation with operational commingling model as the segregation model for collateral posted by futures customers; (ii) alternative models for the custody of customer collateral; (iii) enhancing futures commission merchant ("FCM") controls over the disbursement of customer funds deposited for trading on U.S. futures markets; (iv) increasing transparency surrounding a FCM's holding and investment of customer funds; and (v) lessons learned from commodity brokerage bankruptcy proceedings. Day two will focus primarily on (i) the protection of customer funds deposited with FCMs for trading on foreign futures markets; (ii) particular issues associated with entities dually registered with the CFTC as FCMs and the SEC as broker-dealers; and (iii) enhancing the self-regulatory structure. CFTC Press Release.