In a rule published July 30, EPA began what will be a long process to revise standards for coal ash disposal under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act by promulgating the first of a series of expected revisions to EPA’s 2015 Coal Combustion Residuals (CCR) Rule. The rulemakings will bring the pre-existing CCR Rule in line with the 2016 Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation (WIIN) Act, but these revisions are only “part one, phase one” of the process. The WIIN Act ordered EPA to alter the original scheme of coal ash regulation that established a nationwide policy enforced through citizen suits. EPA proposed a series of changes to the program but only finalized four aspects of the proposal: (1) an 18-month delay of closure actions for unlined sites; (2) a groundwater monitoring waiver program for operators that establish that pollutants cannot seep into surface waters or sources of drinking water; (3) health-based standards for cobalt, lead, lithium and molybdenum; and (4) allowing states with an EPA-approved permitting program to certify facility compliance. The agency may finalize the remaining revisions in two or more future rulemakings. EPA stated that, while it is still considering many technical issues related to the proposed rule, it proceeded with “part one, phase one” because operators needed more time to identify ash disposal sites.