The u.s. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has amended food additive regulations pertaining to the safe use of vitamin D3 in response to a petition from Abbott Laboratories. The company requested that FDA approve use of the fat-soluble hormone “as a nutrient supplement at levels not to exceed 500 Ius per 240 mL in meal replacement beverages that are not intended for special dietary use in reducing or maintaining body weight and that are represented for use such that that the total amount of vitamin D3 provided by the product does not exceed 1,000 Iu per day, and at levels not to exceed 1.0 Iu per kilocalorie in food represented for use as a sole source of nutrition for enteral feeding.” Objections to FDA’s approval of Abbott’s petition or requests for a hearing must be filed by september 11, 2014. See Federal Register, August 12, 2014.