On 2 May 2013, the French government has presented to the National Assembly a bill n°1015 on consumer rights.

The bill is aimed to enhance the protection of consumers on various aspects. It also contains amendments to the French Intellectual Property Code, as far as geographical indications are concerned.

The changes involve in particular (i) a new definition of geographical indications, (ii) new powers for the French Industrial Property Institute ("the INPI") which will be now entitled to decide on applications for approval of geographical indications' specifications, (iii) the adding of geographical indications as a prior right likely to hinder the registration of a junior trade mark, (iv) the possibility for the INPI to alert a territorial authority in case of a trade mark application comprising the name of the said authority, (v) the ability for a territorial authority or for an organization of defense and management of a specific geographical indication to initiate opposition proceedings against a trade mark application and (vi) the possibility of using a geographical indication that is similar or identical to a registered trade mark, subject to certain requirements.