Topics covered in this issue include:

In recent months, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners has challenged the use of collateralized fund obligations (CFOs) by insurance companies. In this article, Laurence Pettit and Daniel A. Rabinowitz lay out what insurers contemplating new CFO offerings need to do in light of those challenges.

Plain vanilla ETF sponsors have been granted a measure of relief from the long and expensive process of obtaining an exemption for new launches. What does this mean for you? George M. Silfen, Ronald M. Feiman and Emilie Oberlis explore some key considerations stemming from the new rule.

New legislation, similar to GDPR, has taken effect in the Cayman Islands, requiring corporations to obtain individual consent for the collection of personal data, and to ensure this data is protected. Samantha V. Ettari and Daniel Lennard examine how the legislation might affect your business.