A cyclist who suffered a severe head injury in an accident on London’s roads had his settlement approved by the High Court last week. The settlement figure includes recovery of mission costs for London’s Air Ambulance who treated him at the scene of the accident.

The settlement includes £3,775 to be paid to London’s Air Ambulance by the defendant’s insurance company, on top of the full compensation received by the cyclist.

The claimant, who is protected by an anonymity order, was injured when he was hit by a car over three years ago in Barnet, North London. He was attended to by London’s Air Ambulance at the side of the road, before being taken to the Royal London hospital in Whitechapel for treatment. Following the head injury, the prognosis was that he was unlikely to walk or talk again. He is now living with a 24/7 care package to ensure his needs are met.

Stephanie Clarke, Partner at Stewarts, representing the cyclist said:

“My client is extremely grateful for the assistance London’s Air Ambulance provided to him, and it was important to him that their efforts were recognised in any settlement. He fought a hard battle during his recovery journey and has, with the support of his loving family and therapy team, been able to take up some activities that he had enjoyed before the accident, including cycling.”

His partner said:

“We would like to thank all the dedicated health care professionals and others who have supported us through our difficult journey for their unfailing care and compassion”.

The settlement has enabled the claimant and his family to rebuild their lives. He has recently purchased a recumbent cycle and has become the proud owner of a dog which has therapeutic benefits for his participation in outdoor activities.