It has been reported that Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust has gone into administration. After the recent reports again highlighted the failures of the NHS Trust it would seem that there is no other way forward.

From tomorrow, Dr Hugo Mascie-Taylor and Mr Alan Bloom of Ernst and Young will take over the running of the Trust! This does seem a strange scenario. However, the two specially appointed administrators are to “safeguard the future of health services”. Dr Hugo Mascie-Taylor was a member of a panel who wrote a report for the health regulator, Monitor. The report clearly stated that the services at the Trust were “unsustainable.” Monitor was responsible for appointing the two administrators, following consultation with the Health Secretary and an Order authorising the appointment was laid before Parliament today.

After the publication of the Francis Report in February 2013, the NHS Trust had no choice but to ensure that patient safety imperative. I wrote a blog on 14 February 2013 commenting on the Francis Report, which produced 290 recommendations for change at Stafford Hospital. The recommendations were aimed at “fundamental change” to install confidence in the NHS again.

This fundamental change to the running of Stafford Hospital will be the first time that a Foundation Trust has gone into administration. It is understood that the administrators will work with commissioners and other local healthcare organisations to produce some sort of plan into the reorganisation at the hospital and “sustainable delivery” of health services.

The proof will be in the pudding. Time will tell if services improve. It is a major step that has been taken but a step that had to be made to prevent further failings at the Trust. More importantly, other NHS Trusts with bad track records must be open to the fact that they could be next if they do not take action to make changes before it is too late.