CMS announced that it saved approximately $400 million of taxpayer dollars as improper payments decreased from 3.9 percent in fiscal 2007 to 3.6 percent ($10.4 billion) in fiscal year 2008. CMS also reported its first Medicare Advantage improper payment rate of 10.6 percent ($6.8 billion) for calendar year 2006. Fiscal year 2007 national composite error rates for Medicaid and for SCHIP were also reported for the first time. The Medicaid composite error rate is 10.5 percent ($32.7 billion), of which the federal share is $18.6 billion, and 14.7 percent ($1.2 billion), with a federal share of $800 million, for SCHIP. Improper payment rates include those payments that may have been paid incorrectly and do not necessarily reflect fraud, such as claims for services that were medically unnecessary or incorrectly coded. CMS points out that the majority of Medicaid and SCHIP errors are due to inadequate documentation.