The FEC recently released the contribution limits that apply to the 2009-2010 federal election cycle. Under McCain-Feingold, certain individual and non-multicandidate PAC contribution limits are indexed for inflation at the beginning of every election cycle and as a result, individuals and nonmulticandidate PACs may now contribute up to $2,400 per election to federal candidate committees and up to $30,400 per year to national party committees.

The overall biennial contribution limit for individuals has increased to $115,500, but as always, close attention should be paid to the two sub-limits that make up the overall $115,500 cap. Specifically, individuals may contribute no more than $45,600 to federal candidates and no more than $69,900 to PACs and party committees. Of the $69,900 PAC and party limit, individuals may contribute no more than $45,600 to state and local party committees and PACs - which in practice means that $24,300 of the $69,900 PAC/party limit can only be contributed to national party committees.

View pages 3 and 4 of the original document for a summary chart illustrating the application of the 2009-2010 limits.