There are multiple cases related to health care reform (PPACA) that are now ready for consideration by the US Supreme Court.  These cases include:

  • Thomas More Law Center, Jann Demars; John Ceci; Steven Hyder; And Salina Hyder, v. Barack Hussein Obama, et al. (docket 11-117) (constitutional);
  • National Federation of Independent Business, et al., v. Sebelius (docket 11-393)(dismissed for lack of jurisdiction);
  • State of Florida v. Department of Health and Human Services (two petitions: docket 11-398 and docket 11-400) (unconstitutional); and
  • Liberty University v. Timothy Geithner (docket 11-438)(dismissed for lack of jurisdiction)

The Court will consider at least 5 petitions related to PPACA during a private conference to be held on November 10.  According to the one source, the Justices will use this conference to decide (a) which petitions, if not all of the petitions, should be reviewed, (b) which issues it is ready to decide, (c) how to line up the lawyers on each side of those issues, and (d) how much time to allow for oral argument.  These cases should be heard during the Court's current term, which is expected to run until near the end of June.  Using this as a benchmark, arguments should be made some time in March or April.

This does not mean that a decision will be issued immediately after arguments and there is certainly no guarantee that a decision will even be rendered in 2012.  But it is good to know that we might have some ruling on the constitutionality of PPACA before the January 2014 deadlines.