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1) Capital Markets and Organized Commodities Markets Law

2) Commodities Stock Exchange Law


New Regulatory Requirements & New Opportunities

Project Finance & Restructuring

  • credit linked notes (= bonds linked to third party’/borrower’ good standing)
  • green bonds (= designated to finance renewable energy projects, environmentally sustainable transport, farming, climate change adaptation projects, etc.)
  • infrastructure bonds(= designated to finance/refinance transport infrastructure projects, road projects, healthcare, education and other social facilities projects, etc.)

Investment opportunities

  • depository receipts (= opportunities to hold and receive income from shares of foreign entities)
  • stock warrants (= the option to buy the shares or bonds in the future or receive value of such securities)
  • certificates of bank deposit(= bank deposit structures as (freely transferable securities)

Derivative securities & instruments

(=provide for hedging opportunities and opportunities for trading in organized markets)

Examples of derivative instruments:

  • Option certificates
  • State warrants
  • Credit default swaps
  • Contracts for difference

Commodities trading novelties

  • Commodities exchanges – newly licensed and regulated entities
  • Transparent commodities market – obligations to publish market quotations and prices
  • Commodity derivativesorganized trading rules and opportunities of new derivative instruments

Bondholders & Investors Protection

  • Qualified & Unqualified investors – different levels of consumer protection and rules of investment advice
  • Bondholders’ meetings – new rules on holding bondholders’ meetings
  • Notes Administrator functions – newly introduced role designated to act on behalf and in the interests of noteholders
  • Liquidation netting introduced by law to enhance settlement/close-out transactions
  • Updated transparency and information disclosure standards