Walker Digital, LLC v. Google, Inc., C.A. No. 13-318 - LPS, April 12, 2016. (redacted)

Stark, C. J. Defendant’s motion to review taxation of costs is granted.

Defendant sought costs as the prevailing party in the amount of $83,346.60. The clerk of the court limited the taxable costs to $2,911.31 pursuant to local rule 54.1denying the remainder. The court rejects the argument that defendant’s motion was procedurally improper. The court finds it has the discretion to award certain deposition costs in the amount of $49,912.47 even assuming the requirements of the local rule 54.1 are not satisfied and does so. Costs of a technology tutorial in the amount of $19,672.57 are also awarded as specifically requested by the court. The court also awards $1,922.05 for the conversion of electronic documents to TIFF images. Finally, the costs for obtaining hearing transcripts in the amount of $1,018.06 are awarded.