In July, the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) made an earlier than expected call for evidence on the operation of MedCo, which closed on 4 September 2015. Specific aims were to review the Government’s objective of enhancing the independence of medical reporting and the effectiveness of the qualifying criteria for medical reporting organisations (MROs).

Following attendance at stakeholder meetings, Kennedys argued in its response that MedCo needs to be kept simple and have a mirrored auditing procedure in place. Our recommendations included:

  • A requirement for MROs, when renewing their MedCo registration, to provide information about the number of instructions received from particular firms; law firms should have to keep similar records of who they have instructed.
  • A reduced choice of MROs to help make it easier to track the activity between MROs and claimant firms.
  • Curtailing the practice of carrying out multiple searches but then only proceeding when certain experts appear.

It is understood that MedCo has already begun to take firmer action and has suspended MROs for failing to provide proof of the required financial bond.