Eminent Domain (HB3 (link is external)) A bill that seeks to amend the State's Constitution to prohibit the exercise of eminent domain to condemn private property except for public use passed through the House this week after being approved by the House Judiciary I Committee. If approved, the matter would be on the ballot in November 2018 for a statewide vote.

HB2 Repeal Proposal (HB107 (link is external)) House Democratic Leader Darren Jackson filed Governor Cooper's HB2 compromise repeal bill (HB 107) this week. The proposal would repeal the law, strengthen punishments for crimes committed in restrooms, and require local governments considering the approval of nondiscrimination ordinances to give 30 day’s notice to the Legislature prior to enacting them. The leaders of both chambers have criticized the bill and Speaker Tim Moore has said it does not have the support of the House. HB107 is the fourth HB2 repeal bill to be filed this session.

Public School Funding (HB6 (link is external) and SB9 (link is external)) The House K-12 Education Committee discussed bills introduced in both chambers that would change the formula by which public schools get state funding. The proposals would create a task force to study different ways to distribute money to our state's school systems with the intention of moving the state toward a weighted student funding model.

UNC Board of Governors Reduced (HB39 (link is external)) After quickly passing through the House last week, HB39, a bill that would reduce the size of the UNC Board of Governors from 32 to 24 members by 2019, passed its second reading in the Senate this week and is expected to pass that chamber next week. The President of the University System and the UNC System Board have not taken a public position on the bill.

Savings Reserve (HB7 (link is external)) The House passed a bill (HB 7) that would strengthen the Savings Reserve (often called the “Rainy Day Fund”) this week after approving an amendment to exclude the Highway Trust Fund. The bill, which was the product of an interim Legislative Research Commission, requires that 15 percent of each year's revenue growth from the prior year be deposited into the Reserve. It would also limit legislators from withdrawing more than 7.5 percent of the previous fiscal year's operating budget, unless both chambers agreed to a higher amount with a two-thirds majority. A similar bill (SB 14) was introduced in the Senate this week.

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