The Arkansas Natural Resources Commission (“ANRC”) recently announced the availability of the revised Dam Safety Guidance Manual (“Manual”) for 2017.

The Manual is published by the ANRC Dam Safety Program.

The ANRC’s various responsibilities include administering Arkansas state dam safety laws. The agency has four primary areas of activity in the dam safety program:

  1. Review and approval of plans and specifications for new dams

  2. Review of plans and specifications for repairs, modification or rehabilitation work

  3. Periodic inspections of construction work on new and existing dams

  4. Review of inspections reports and approval of emergency action plans

Besides the Manual, the ANRC has had in place for many years a set of regulations addressing dams styled:

Rules Governing Design and Operation of Dams (Title 7)

The 2017 version of the Manual includes the following chapters:

Chapter 1 – An Approach to Dam Safety

Chapter 2 – Introduction to Dams

Chapter 3 – Hazards, Risks, Failures

Chapter 4 – Developing a Personal Safety Program

Chapter 5 – Inspection Guidelines

Chapter 6 – Instrumentation and Monitoring Guidelines

Chapter 7 – Maintenance Inspections Guidelines

Chapter 8 – Emergency Action Plan Guidelines

Chapter 9 – Guidelines for Operations

Chapter 10 – Reducing the Consequences of Dam Failure

A link to the Manual can be found here.