A Cincinnati charter school has become the fourth startup that Attorney General Marc Dann has sued for alleged violation of charitable trust responsibilities. The AG alleges that Harmony Community School failed to accomplish its primary charitable purpose of educating its students, while receiving $31.9 million in public funding since 1998. He asked the court to terminate the school’s charitable trust, to permanently enjoin the institution and its governing authority from operating a community school, and to redirect the state funding to other schools. Mr. Dann’s evidence consists of 600 pages that he says detail the school’s academic failure, financial mismanagement, ethical lapses, and consumer fraud. The AG is basing his legal strategy against charter schools on charges that the institutions have not met their fiduciary responsibilities as charitable trusts because they have consistently failed to achieve minimum state academic performance standards while drawing down millions in taxpayer funds to operate. Ron Adler, President of the Ohio Coalition for Quality Education, says that the AG is overstepping his legal authority and not acting impartial but instead trying to find a way to close charter schools.