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Welcome to #WorkforceWednesday. We look at how workplace guidance is changing as COVID-19 surges and the executive orders most likely to be reversed by the new administration.

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New York Revises COVID-19 Travel Advisory

New York will now allow travelers to "test out" of the 14-day quarantine mandate after travel. This “testing out” protocol applies to people traveling to New York from anywhere across the United States and international travelers coming from a CDC Level 2 or 3 country. (Travelers from states contiguous with New York and essential workers are exempt from this protocol.) Read more.

California Expands COVID-19 Workplace Exposure Notification Requirements

Effective January 1, 2021, California employers must inform employees of a potential workplace exposure within one business day of receiving notice of potential exposure.

Trump Executive Orders Face Reversal

There is a growing consensus that President-Elect Biden’s new administration will reverse several of President Trump’s executive orders that impact employers, including orders that substantially impaired H1-B sponsorship.