In his March 8 budget address, Governor Corbett announced the formation of a Marcellus Shale Advisory Commission. The governor said the commission is “to oversee how we can build around this new industry and how we can make certain we do this while protecting our lands, our drinking water, our air – all the time growing our workforce.’’

Lt. Governor Jim Cawley will head the Commission, which is required to report back to the governor within 120 days of its first meeting.

Some of the notables appointed to the Commission include:

  • Mike Krancer, acting Secretary of Environmental Protection, Harrisburg.
  • George Grieg, acting Secretary of Agriculture, Harrisburg.
  • C. Alan Walker, acting Secretary of Community and Economic Development, Harrisburg.
  • Barry Schoch, acting Secretary of Transportation, Harrisburg.
  • Patrick Henderson, the Governor’s Energy Executive, Harrisburg.
  • Robert Powelson, chairman of the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, Harrisburg.
  • Glenn Cannon, executive director of Pennsylvania Emergency Management Association, Harrisburg.
  • James W. Felmlee, president of the PA State Association of Boroughs, Harrisburg.