On September 14, the FTC published its second Federal Register notice regarding a proposed consumer survey designed to provide the FTC with insights into consumer understanding of the process whereby automobiles are purchased and financed through a dealer. The FTC issued its first notice regarding the survey on January 7, 2016. The second notice summarizes industry comments received in response to its first notice. Commenters suggested that the survey include questions addressing such topics as, (i) consumers’ experiences specifically with “Buy Here Pay Here” dealers; (ii) “yo yo financing scams”; and (iii) add-on products or services. The second notice outlines the FTC’s planned methodology for conducting the survey, and identifies the areas on which the consumer interview questions will focus. The FTC estimates that 170 consumers will participate in the survey and that it will require approximately 367 burden hours. Comments regarding the accuracy of burden estimates, as well as ways to minimize the information collection burden, are due by October 14, 2016.