Claimant developed eye infection shortly after birth for which Trust prescribed antibiotic eye drops. Two months later Trust doctor advised stopping the drops. Doctor subsequently reviewed swab results suggesting profuse infection but failed to advise continuance of the medication.

Two weeks later Claimant transferred to another hospital to undergo surgery unconnected to the eyes. He was unconscious during the operation and heavily sedated for three to four days. As he was not blinking during this period, that his risk of eye infection increased but Trust failed to advise vigilance in this regard.

Claimant alleged due to Trust’s failure to adequately treat his eye infection or warn the other hospital to be vigilant in this regard, he had been rendered almost blind. He could read large print only, was unable to drive and was accordingly significantly disadvantaged on the labour market. He suffered accidents due to poor eyesight and was subject to bullying at school. He would require support to find work and live independently and his condition was likely to deteriorate when he reached his 60s.

Liability settled at 80% with damages of £950,000 agreed and approved by the Court (estimated General Damages £135,000).