On August 17, 2007 the FAA issued a notice advising that it will be proceeding with "Special Emphasis Inspections" to ensure compliance with the operational control requirements of parts 119 and 135 (Notice) FAA Op Spec A008. The inspections "must be performed for each certificate holder authorized to conduct operations under part 135." These A008 inspections will take place during the fourth quarter of FY-2007 and the first quarter of FY-2008.

The focus of the inspections will be on the certificate holder's policies and procedures for meeting its operational control responsibilities and ensuring that it does not engage in any prohibited activity. Among other things, part 135 certificate holders must ensure that operational control is maintained by the part 135 operator and that it is not "franchising" its certificate; that operational control policies and procedures are properly documented; that agreements reflect operational control responsibilities and do not run afoul of operational control prohibitions; that compliance is maintained with crew member and aircraft requirements; and that compliance is maintained with informational requirements. The FAA has provided its inspection checklist as part of the Notice and has identified a range of actions that may be taken, including "no action" (for no discrepancies and minor issues that are immediately corrected), warning letters and civil penalties (for systemic issues requiring significant action), and suspension or revocation (in more extreme circumstances, including inability to conduct safe operations or "franchising" of a part 135 certificate).