Rhode Island brought suit in state court against major oil and gas producing companies alleging the companies knew about and concealed the climate change impacts of greenhouse gas emissions from the use of their products. The state raises several causes of action, including public nuisance, negligence and strict liability claims for failure to warn, and for design defect, trespass, and impairment of public trust resources. Rhode Island also claims that these companies violated the state’s Environmental Rights Act by selling fossil fuels that produce significant greenhouse gas emissions when used. The state seeks compensatory and punitive damages, equitable relief, and other remedies. Rhode Island’s suit in state court comes close on the heels of a California federal judge’s June 25, 2018 decision to dismiss similar suits filed by the cities of Oakland and San Francisco. In that case, the judge had decided that the federal courts were the appropriate venue for such suits, but that Congress, not an individual district court, is the appropriate branch of government to address climate change.