The AFL-CIO endorsed Rep. Keith Ellison for Democratic National Committee Chair. AFL-CIO opted to support the more liberal Ellison over outgoing Labor Secretary Thomas Perez.       

Michigan lawmakers have given up efforts to pass legislation that would have increased penalties for workers who strike, protest, or participate in mass picketing. The bill was removed from the Senate’s calendar as time ran out on the 2016 lame-duck session, which was scheduled to close on December 22. AFL-CIO and other unions fought against the proposed measure and argued it would violate rights to free speech and protest.      

President-elect Donald Trump requested that Carl Icahn assist with cutting regulations that Mr. Trump believes are hurting businesses. Mr. Icahn officially accepted a role as special advisor, and is expected to focus on regulatory reform in the labor and environmental fields. Much of the reform is expected to pull back regulations created during President Obama’s presidency.