Yesterday, AIG announced its largest single cash reduction to the balance of its revolving credit facility with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (“FRBNY”). The $3.95 billion payment was made using funds obtained by AIG from the International Lease Finance Corporation following its recent debt offering. The payment reduced AIG’s outstanding principal balance to approximately $21 billion, including accumulated interest and fees, and reduced AIG’s available credit line with FRBNY to $30 billion. Robert H. Benmosche, President and CEO of AIG, described the repayment as “continuing tangible evidence of AIG’s progress in repaying the American taxpayers.” These amounts are in addition to the U.S. Treasury’s roughly $49 billion of investments in AIG preferred stock and the FRBNY’s approximately $39.5 billion of loans to the two Maiden Lane SPVs and approximately $25 billion preferred interest in SPVs for two AIG insurance company subsidiaries.