Within the framework of the New Normal general strategy, on May 29th, 2020, the “Accord that sets forth the Specific Technical Guidelines for the Reopening of Economic Activities” was published in the Federal Official Gazette, setting forth new technical guidelines of general and mandatory application for achieving a return or continuation of activities in workplaces -of essential and non-essential activities- (the Guidelines) in a safe, gradual and responsible manner, starting June 1, 2020.

Such Guidelines provide, among other matters, the following:

1. The categorization of measures for each workplace based on (i) the type of activity (essential or non-essential), (ii) the workspace’s size, (iii) the health alert level at the workspace’s location, and (iv) the workspace’s particular characteristics.

It includes the possibility that each sector of the economy may develop specific guidelines to respond to the sector’s particularities, as long as they comply with the Guidelines and use them as reference.

2. Strategies and measures for promoting health and sanitary protection in the work environment.

3. Special protection measures for the vulnerable population in regions of high and intermediate alert under the epidemiological risk traffic light system.

4. New mandatory self-assessment scheme for all workplaces with essential activities through the platform www.nuevanormalidad.gob.mx . The self-assessment for workplaces dedicated to non-essential activities will be voluntary.

For companies in the construction and mining industry, and in those referring to the manufacture of transportation equipment that made their self-assessment between the 18th and the 31st day of May, and that hold an authorization from the Mexican Institute of Social Security, do not need to make the self-assessment again.

5. It is not necessary to obtain prior authorization or permit to continue or resume operations as from the New Normal. In any event, the level of permitted activity will be subject to the weekly epidemiological risk traffic light system.

The authority may audit the workplaces and, if applicable, validate the proper implementation of the measures, so the self-assessment exercises will serve exclusively to facilitate the return or continuation of work. In this sense, the effective compliance of the measures will be the determining factor at the time of the audit. The provisions of the Accord entered in force on the same day of their publication.