Interpreting the recently enacted Commercial Courts, Commercial Division and Commercial Appellate Division of High Courts Act, 2015, the Delhi High Court has held that even pending IP disputes filed at the relevant High Courts before the enactment of the above mentioned Act, will be heard and disposed by the Commercial Divisions of the High Court, even if they carry a ‘specified value’ below INR 10 Million (Rs. 1 crore). The Court in this regard considered the proviso to Section 7 of the Ordinance, Press Note issued by the Government Of India and 78th Report submitted to the Rajya Sabha by the Department-Related Parliamentary Standing Committee on Personnel, Public Grievances, Law and Justice. Noticing that the Object of Section 7, whether as found in the Ordinance, 2015 or found in the Act of 2015, was those suits which could not be filed in courts below the court of the District Judge, and that these are generally IPR matters, which include trademarks cases, copyright cases, etc., the Court held that the same will be dealt with and decided by the Commercial Division of the High Court if their pecuniary jurisdiction valuation is above Rs. 20 lacs (for Delhi High Court) but below Rs.1 crore. [Guiness World Records Limited v. Sababbi Mangal - I.A. No.17748/2015 (u/O VI Rule 17 CPC) in CS(OS) No.1180/2011 and I.A. No.24164/2015 (u/O VI Rule 17 CPC) in CS(OS) No.2599/2010 disposed on 15-2­2016, Delhi High Court]