The consumer product safety authorities of the European Union, People’s Republic of China and United States have concluded a trilateral summit by issuing a joint press statement setting forth points of concession and specific actions moving forward. Each organization shares the view that (i) “enhanced international regulatory cooperation contributes to the improvement of the safety of products”; (ii) the application of and cooperation in product safety controls throughout the supply chain is needed to improve product safety, build consumer trust and contribute to economic growth and international trade; and (iii) these authorities, “individually and collectively, play a vital role in working to ensure that industry places the safety of consumers first.”

The action items include information exchanges, continued education for industry stakeholders, discussions to explore “the possible convergences of safety requirements,” and a continued “reinforcing [of] consumer product traceability.” The next trilateral meeting will take place in 2016. See Fourth Biennial Consumer Product Safety Trilateral Summit Joint Press Statement, June 19, 2014.