The National Minimum Wage Council agreed on June 1st of this year, a 15% increase to the minimum wage that will enter in force in the above mentioned date and will be gradually applied over the next three years.

The increase will be in the same percentage for all economic sectors except for the service and commerce sectors, which will have an increase of 13.5%.

Such increase will be implemented in three stages of 5% for all sectors, with the exception of the service and commerce sectors, which will be 4.5% per year, on June 1st, beginning the present year and until 2018 and will be complemented by other measures proposed by employees.

Furthermore, it was agreed that the wages for employees who work in sugar refineries will be matched with the wage of the industry sector, therefore representing an increase of 130% in relation of what is currently paid.

In the case of the Commerce sector it will rise to US$263.03 this year to US$287.23 in 2018. 

The National Minimum Wage Council will prepare the corresponding draft of the decree and will submit it to the Executive Branch in the section of Labor and Social Welfare for its approval or disapproval. If it is approved the corresponding decree will be issued and published in the Official Gazette, entering into force eight days after its publication.

We remain at your disposal for any clarification that may exist on the subject.