The reports are out and the number of enforcement actions taken by the Labour Department in Hong Kong were up. We take a look at the key areas of non-compliance with labour legislation which were prosecuted by the Labour Department in 2017 and offer our insights on how to ensure your employment practices are compliant.

Our Thailand team discusses the difficulties of dismissing an employee for violation of the employer's work rules, regulations or orders and, in particular, the importance of issuing a valid warning letter.

Ending the employment relationship in China can be a risky business. We recap the key points to consider when an employer is seeking to unilaterally terminate employment or seeking a mutual separation.

An organisation's obligations in respect of managing personal information vary greatly from country to country. This month, we consider the different obligations employers have around the region in relation to collecting, using and storing employee data.

Are you required to have a Labor Management Council in place in your Korean business? This month our compliance check considers when a company must establish an LMC, as well as the purpose and functions of the LMC.