Azerbaijan needs to take comprehensive measures to fight piracy in the software market, told Mr. Mr. Dimiter Gantchev, Acting Director of the Creative Industries Division in the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), in the interview to Trend news agency.

According to Gantchev, adopting normative and legal acts in regulation of this problem is not enough. First of all, it is necessary to conduct more educational work with the end users of software solutions in order to let them have an idea about the issues of copyright protection.

In other words, information about software copyright protection must go among the masses, to all sectors of society.” Secondly, an active policy on legislative regulation is needed and on this basis, legislative bodies should actively cooperate with law enforcement agencies. Thirdly, it is necessary to have information, i.e there must be statistics, in order to have evidences”, – Gantchev said.

According to the Global Software Survey 2016 published in May 2016 by the Business Software Alliance (BSA) -, the level of piracy in the software market of Azerbaijan was 84% in 2015. In recent years, there has been a steady improvement in the situation. In 2009, the level of piracy was 88%, in 2011 – 87%, in 2013 – 85%. According to Gantchev, the system of intellectual property protection in Azerbaijan is developing and the country being a member of WIPO, takes an active part in the development of new international norms.

“I see that progress is being made in all directions in Azerbaijan and it is always nice to see when the state takes seriously aspects of international legislation and applies them at the national level.” I believe that Azerbaijan has achieved very good results in this matter, and thе state could be proud of it”, Gantchev said. WIPO, according to Gantchev, provides assistance to all its members in the development of the national strategy and in its implementation. Azerbaijan in this can count on the help of WIPO, which is ready to help Azerbaijan, being sure that the country really wants to make fighting piracy in software market a strategic direction.