The Ontario Securities Commission today released a notice reminding derivatives market participants of the imminent requirement to identify counterparties to a transaction by a Legal Entity Identifier (LEI). The OSC further advises that “non-reporting counterparties should provide all relevant information to reporting counterparties under OSC Rule 91-507, including their LEI, to assist reporting counterparties in complying with their obligations”.

As we've recently discussed, trade reporting rules in Ontario Manitoba and Quebec will require reporting beginning October 31. The requirement to identify counterparties by an LEI will apply to all transactions for which the reporting counterparty is a derivatives dealer or recognized or exempt clearing agency.

The OSC also states that reporting counterparties faced with legal barriers to reporting counterparty-identifying information in their jurisdiction should apply for exemptive relief. Meanwhile, while derivatives market participants may face operation challenges not related to legal impediments to obtaining counterparty LEIs by October 31, the OSC advises that best efforts should be used to obtain counterparty LEIs as soon as possible.