FATF has released the results of its plenary meeting in Oslo. There is no change to its recommendation to apply counter measures for Iran and North Korea. It also identifies as jurisdictions with significant deficiencies Ecuador, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Kenya, Myanmar, Pakistan, Sao Tome and Principe, Syria, Tanzania, Turkey, Vietnam and Yemen. It says that if Ecuador does not take significant actions by October it will call on its members to apply counter measures against it. It encourages Afghanistan, Albania, Angola, Argentina, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Cuba, Kuwait, Kyrgystan, Lao PDR, Mongolia, Morocco, Namibia, Nepal, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Sudan, Tajikistan and Zimbabwe to continue progressing their reforms and notes that Algeria and Antigua and Barbuda have not made enough progress. It has removed Bolivia, Brunei Darussalam, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand from its list of countries subject to an ongoing compliance process because of the progress they have made. At the meeting, FATF also endorsed several reports, including those addressing prepaid cards, mobile payments and internet-based payment services and further guidance on Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs). (Source: FATF Releases Plenary Results)