The General Department of Customs has laid down requirements for its departments in provinces and cities to tighten inspections to fight origin-related fraud, violations of intellectual property rights (IPR) and illegal import and export goods transportation. It has additionally instructed commonplace and metropolitan customs agencies to supervise and control those issues in accordance with existing regulations.

The general office stated that the trade fraud has been increasing, especially in goods labeling and IPR. In fact, the authorities solved many cases in which imported goods were variously mislabeled as “Made in Vietnam”, “Manufactured in Vietnam and “Originated in Vietnam”, or using Vietnamese on product packaging label and warranty card for consumption in Vietnam.

Traders have exploited a hole in the regulations on not requiring sub-labels at Customs clearance to import such goods into the domestic market. These traders then leave the sub-label unattached but only change the label, packaging and the name of goods to sell domestically. The general department also uncovered the flow of counterfeit goods with registered trademarks, counterfeit goods and goods violating IP rights importation into Vietnam.

Importers in cases used fake of invalid certificates of origin (C/O) to proceed with customs procedures or declare false information on the C/O. There are situations where enterprises (foreign-invested ones included) import raw materials, semi-finished products, components and spare parts for production, processing and assembly, the end product for export only undergo simple processing or assembling procedures that do not satisfy the required origin evaluation criteria, or such imported components/materials go straight to exportation without undergoing processing and manufacturing stages. These enterprises, however, label their exported products as of Vietnamese origin. Some even import goods to legalize its dossiers or apply for valid C/O in order to assign such goods Vietnamese origin for later exportation to a third country.