The House Health and Human Services Committee voted out two proposed committee bills on Thursday that will repeal the state's prescription drug database and prohibit the dispensing of controlled substances by physicians. Chairman Robert Schenk stated that he wanted to “cut the problem off at the source” and that more than 80 percent of the oxycodone dispensed in the United States comes from Florida. Republican committee members expressed concern that physicians would be unable to directly administer necessary medications in their offices under the proposal, while Democrat members questioned why the proposal eliminated pain clinic regulations and punished legitimate physicians. In particular, Reps. Paige Kreegel and Ronald “Doc” Renuart argued that the proposal should only ban the dispensing of specific drugs, while Rep. Ari Porth argued that the proposal attacks the problem in the wrong way by punishing good physicians. In reaction to the House proposal, the Senate President's office noted that a repeal of the prescription drug database “will not pass the Senate.”