In the last two weeks we have seen a number of new clients who have been offered jobs and want our legal services to review the contracts.

Prior to the market crash in 2008 this was common, but after the fall of 2008, the number of these requests fell dramatically and has remained low.

The recent increase in the number of new contract reviews suggests that the market may be recovering and that hiring is starting to return. Unfortunately, we are also seeing a number of terminations, which remained high throughout February. This suggests that the marketplace may still be in transition.

While we start to move from recession to recovery, employers and employees should remain mindful that a good employment contract is often the best way to avoid disputes during the relationship and/or when it ends.

Certainly when someone is hired, we don’t want to talk about what would happen if things don’t work out. However, that approach only postpones what could be a litigious ending. Employers and employees should agree on what occurs on termination before that event occurs. This includes not only outlining what notice is owed to the employee if he/she is terminated, but also how much notice prior to resignation the employer needs should the employee choose to depart.